01 Mar New Spring Recipes

Get Crafty with Excel Bottling this Spring! Check out our latest crafty cocktails of the do-it-yourself variety and BYOB (be you own bartender).


The Grapefruit Mimosa

Mix your very own breakfast bubbly with Excel’s Rummy Grapefruit Soda (we suggest it chilled) topped with your favorite champagne.

Excel Grapefruit Mimosa


The Hard-ER Root Beer Float

Hard root beers are all the rage…but why stop there? Toss in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top it off with two shots of white rum for a Frostie delight (with bite).

Excel Harder Rootbeer


The Orange Creamsicle

Orange you glad we said vodka? Our Million Dollar Orange uses real orange oils and goes down perfectly with about an ounce and a half of vanilla vodka and a half-ounce of whipped cream vodka. (Try it now…thank us later.)



The Beer Shandy

Just whip together equal parts of our Lemonade and Lefty’s Lager for the simplest Beer Shandy of the season. Don’t forget to tell your friends it’s homemade (they never need to know just how easy it was).

Beer Shandy


The Michelada

It’s pronounced “Mee-cha-lah-dah” and it’s a maa-gical Mexican specialty. Make it your own by tweaking the spicy stuff.

Beer Shandy


The Rummy Radler

Impress your guests (and yourself) with the Rummy Radler! Just use equal parts Excel Rummy Grapefruit Soda and Excel Flash Bang and BOOM! – you’ve got a new summer favorite.

Beer Shandy